Demand is growing throughout Europe to strengthen growth, innovation, competitiveness and jobs. There is a need to promote greater leadership in information and communication technology (ICT) related innovation and productivity to deliver stronger business value and benefits.

The European Union has initiated several responses to this challenge. After developing the “EU e-Skills strategy”, launching a “Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs” and organising the “e-Skills for Jobs” campaign to fill the gap between demand and supply, a new focus is put on e-leadership to foster digital talent and excellence in Europe. Recent research and studies confirmed that the shortage of e-leadership skills across Europe is significant, calling for action.


This conference is organised to discuss with leading stakeholders and experts from government, academia and industry on the latest developments on e-leadership and ICT professionalism.

The objectives of day 1 are to:

  • Provide the latest figures and forecasts (2020) on the ICT workforce and talent pool
  • Present and discuss new European e-leadership curriculum guidelines and profiles
  • Propose ways for moving ahead and achieving the necessary scale

The objectives of day 2 are to:

  • Present a proposal for a first pan-European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge
  • Propose a model for the promotion of ICT professionalism in Europe
  • Discuss international developments and possible cooperation


The event is organised by the European Commission with the support of Empirica, Capgemini and Ernst & Young.

Participation at the conference is free of charge but on invitation only.



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